mission & vision

We will devote the time and energy necessary to educate people in developing countries about Neurosciences and other fields of healthcare and will implement a self-sustaining education program through social media, online resources, and teleconference technology.

Global Organization of Health Education


Top professionals in the fields of Medicine, Neurosciences, Education, Legal, and Technology are volunteering their time and expertise to spread healthcare education to people in developing countries.

At the Global Organization of Health Education, we are changing the way medical missions have been carried out for years, beginning with a pilot project in Ethiopia that we will replicate in many nations in the future. We use online education and volunteer professionals to offer medical education to people in developing nations. We have partnered with Mekelle University to establish a Neuroscience training program. Equipment for this program included three portable electroencephalogram (EEG) machines. With this equipment, the University of Mekelle has the technology that is required to continue a self-sustained education program in Neurosciences for future students.

We hope to implement future projects in other countries that have a similar structure to our Ethiopia pilot project.

We continue to partner with various health and technology corporations to support our projects, which in turn benefits these corporations through acknowledgement of donations and contribution to the progression and results of our projects.