Teguo Djoyum Daniel, BS, CNIM, R.EEG.T – Originally from Cameroon, he has a strong desire to bring health education and technology to developing nations. Daniel has worked for five years at university of Colorado Hospital as a Neuro technologist. After talking to colleagues and friends across the nation they created the Global Organization of Health Education. Daniel is hoping that a synergistic relationship will develop, allowing technologists from the United States of America and Nigeria to travel to Ethiopia then to other countries in the future volunteering time and talent to train the students. ​

Medical Director
Dr. Edward Maa – Dr. Maa’s specialties include Epilepsy Surgical Evaluations, Wada Testing, EEG, ICU Neuromonitoring, Epilepsy Clinical Trials, High Altitude Seizures, Complementary and Alternative Medical Therapies in the treatment of Epilepsy, and NADA Protocol (Auricular Acupuncture). Dr. Maa is the head of the Denver Health neurology department and is an Associates Professional at University of Colorado Hospital. Dr. Maa has a strong desire to spread neurology education in developing nations.

Director of Online Education

Maggie Marsh-Nation, PhD, MSIDT, BSIT REEG/EP-T, CNIM – Maggie specializes in freelance instructional design and online education development. Maggie has developed 52 full-length Neurodiagnostic Technology courses in four curricula and over 175 live webinars with recordings housed in the online portal with exams in the last eleven years. Maggie created instructional design and development of online courses including live webinars, video content development, editing, interactive educational modules, exam databases, discussion forums, interacting with students, collaborating with faculty and managing student accounts. In addition, Maggie’s expertise extends to organized seminars, training sessions for ASET and Neurodiagnostic instrument company training sessions. Maggie set up an eLearning portal for OSET (The International Organization of Societies of Electrophysiological Technology), the League of Women Voters in Texas, the Texas School of Sleep Medicine and Technology, and an online testing portal for Thomson-Reuters. Maggie works as a volunteer for OSET and will volunteer her time and expertise to help create course material for the University program in target nations.

Clinical Director
Karen Persely, BA, R. EPT, CNIM – Karen is the Director of IONM Training with the Surgical Monitoring Services located in Houston, Texas. Karen is a trainer in Clinical Neurophysiology at the Methodist Hospital located in Houston, Texas and worked in the clinical setting for more than ten years before shifting to the Operating Room environment in 1990. Persely holds academic credentials from the University of Houston and has been the director of IONM training for the Surgical Monitoring Services in Houston, Texas since 2010. Karen is a co-founder of this great project and has brought so many people to support the idea. 


Lucien Kilonda, BS, R.EEG.T Lucien is originally from the Democratic Republic of the Congo and currently resides in Houston, TX. After seeing the need for proper healthcare in his home country, Lucien decided to devote his life and career to improving healthcare in multiple ways, particularly in developing countries. Lucien has an extensive background in research and several years of experience in Neurodiagnostics. As the Secretary for GOHE, Lucien will serve as the main liaison between GOHE's benefactors and board members, providing insight on the common goals they share.  

Director of Communications and Social media

Genevieve Goulding, R.EPT, CNIM – Genevieve has worked for nearly a decade in neurodiagnostics. In 2011 Genevieve participated in a mission trip to the Turkana tribe in Kenya. She enjoyed her time in Africa so much that she has been looking for opportunities to go back ever since. Genevieve has an educational background in chemistry, genetics, and engineering. She is looking forward to the challenge of providing education and growth opportunities, while advancing medical care for those most in need. 

Culture and Outreach Director

Tsige Washun, AS, R.EEG.T – Tsige is originally from Ethiopia and works as a Senior Neuro-Technologist at University of Colorado Hospital for over 10 years. Tsige's ultimate dream has always been to bring this lovely technology back home to Ethiopia. As a co-founder of Global Organization of Health Education, Tsige has provided her cultural advice, talent, and expertise to make her dream come true.


Remy Tienma, MS, CFE – Tienma is a diligent accounting professional with eight years of experience in audit and advisory in Africa and the United States of America. Tienma has extensive expertise in Accounting and Finance and is a CPA and CFA Candidate. Adding additional expertise, Tienma’s expertise extends in streamlining audit and accounting procedures with key international companies. Tienma is currently employed as a Financial Auditor with Earnst & Young in Dallas Texas.

Regional Representative - Africa

Tchendje, MS – Tchendje is a medical IT professional in central Africa, business owner of a medical software company, and has done multiple years of contract work with the ministry of health in Cameroon. He is donating his time and resources to help GOHE get good roots in Africa.

Director of Medical Grants

Hilda Bi Ndikum, PharmD, MPH – Originally from Cameroon, Hilda obtained her PharmD and MPH degrees at the University of Colorado. She is currently a Senior Instructor at the Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Colorado. She teaches courses in Drug Information and Advanced Pharmacology for pharmacy and nursing students. She also works as a clinical pharmacist at Kaiser Permanente Colorado. Hilda has a passion for global health and has participated in many medical projects and missions to Ecuador, Guatemala, Nepal, and Cuba. She is excited to collaborate on projects through GOHE. 

Director of Resource Mobilization

​Rebecca Clark-Bash,F.ASET., R. EEG/EP T., CNIM, CLTM, F.ASNM – Rebecca is the President of Knowledge Plus, Inc, which is an international education company that focuses on the use of electroneurodiagnostic technology in diagnostic and interventional neurology and surgery. She is also an accomplished speaker and consultant. 

Board of Advisors, United States Division

Mesha-Gay Brown, MD – Assistant Professor, Neurology University of Colorado. Dr. Brown has expertise in continuous / long term EEG monitoring, and is interested in the pre-surgical evaluation of epilepsy patients, women’s issues and epilepsy, as well as global health and decreasing health care disparities in management and treatment of patients with epilepsy.

Archana Shrestha, MD – Assistant Professor, Neurology University of Colorado. Dr. Shrestha specializes in epilepsy and EEG. She sees patients with seizures and interprets EEGs, evoked potentials, video-EEG monitoring and cortical mapping. She manages seizure patients with anti-convulsant medications, and also evaluates patients with refractory epilepsy for surgical options and treatments. She has a strong interest in helping developing nations with neurological capacity building. 

Dr. Jeannette Carty Williams, DC, BS, CNIM, DABNM – Jeannette currently works for the University of Colorado Hospital and has over a decade of experience in neurophysiologic intra-operative monitoring.  She has earned both the technical and professional certifications in this field. Previously she owned and operated her own chiropractic practice.  She has several years of experience teaching health and anatomy & physiology at Cerro Coso Community College in Ridgecrest, California. Jeannette loves to travel, and hopes to share both healing and education with those who stand to benefit most from this organization.

Keith Morgan, MBA, R. EEG T. – Keith lives in Eagle, WI, and has been in Neurodiagnostics for almost 20 years as a Registered EEG Technologist. He has an associate degree in Neurodiagnositcs, an MBA, and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Global Health at Northwestern University. He is the CEO and Founder of a neurodiagnostic business called Neurotech, which he started 13 years ago. Neurotech mainly employs EEG Technologists who perform long term EEGs. He is passionate about participating in medical and humanitarian missions and is actively involved in mission outreach projects both in person and remotely. Neurotech also grants funds to employees who are willing to donate their time to help others. Overall, Neurotech has sent more than 20 employees on mission trips in the last 2 years. Keith has been on 6 mission outreach trips in the past 2 years, including trips to Haiti; Laredo, TX; Tanzania; and Antigua. He believes in the importance of working towards long term sustainability by providing ongoing support and training remotely to the clinical staff in addition to in-person mission trip visits. Neurotech is actively working on EEG and epilepsy training for providers in Tanzania, Antigua, Ghana, and Haiti. 

​Koffi Etse, AS, R. EEG T  Koffi is an EEG tech originally from Togo in West Africa. Koffi graduated from the Institute of Health Science in Maryland, followed by his registry as a REEG T. He is currently working at University of Colorado Hospital and at the Medical Center of Aurora as an EEG tech and he also performs transcranial doppler (TCD). He is fluent in French and Spanish, which helps GOHE in its expansion around the world. 

Board of Advisors, Africa Division

Dr Tony Magana, MD –  Harvard Medical student graduate, Chief Medical Specialist in Neurosurgery for Ethiopia, Professor in Neurosurgery at Ayder Hospital, Mekelle University. Dr. Magana is our in country connection for the pilot project in Ethiopia and will help for many coming projects. 

Isiaka Amoo, Head EEG.T, MBA – Isiaka is the EEG Lead Technologist at Federal Neuropsychiatric Hospital located in Yabba, Lagos. Amoo is the President of the Nigerian Association of Neurodiagnostic Technologist. Isiaka is a pioneer of neurodiagnostics practice in Africa, Isiaka is the president of the Nigerian society of Neuro-technologist, Isiaka has traveled to the USA for multiple trainings in Neudiagnostics and has completed many courses online with ASET the United States Neurodiagnostics Society. Isiaka will monitor the training of technologist in Africa and assure quality in the transfer of technology.

Legal Advisor

Cynthia Louise Tremaroli, JD, LLM – Tremaroli is an accomplished attorney in Colorado Springs, Colorado with thirty-six years practicing law and will be volunteering her legal expertise in all matters that are needed to assist in the success of the mission of Global Organization of Health Education. Tremaroli has volunteered to be the organization’s Colorado State Registered Agent. Tremaroli holds a Juris Doctorate from the University of Arizona.


Kristi Van Anderson, BSN, RN, CNOR – Kristi is an operating room nurse on the spine team at University of Colorado Hospital. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from Illinois Wesleyan University and earned a certificate in medical writing and editing from the University of Chicago Graham School. She has prior experience as a clinical editor for the peer-reviewed AORN Journal.


The Board of Directors

Global Organization of Health Education